I'm overwhelmed! 
On the eve of Valentine's Day and while snow blanketed most of Virginia, the U.S. District Judge in Norfolk struck down the Commonwealth's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, ruling that it violates the equal protection clause under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

We have arrived upon another moment in history when We the People becomes more inclusive, and our freedom more perfect.

-U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen

This has been a long fight, and it isn't over yet!


Equality in Virginia took a big step forward tonight as a federal district judge declared Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. The judge issued a stay with her injunction pending appeal, meaning marriage licenses will not yet be issued to same-sex couples, but today is a great day for those who want to see all Virginians treated equally regardless of who they love.  

-Attorney General Mark Herring  
But the tide has turned, and we are on the right side of history!

I founded Mothers & Others when the odious Marshall-Newman Act of 2006, the so-called Anti Gay Marriage Amendment banning Gay Marriage in Virginia, passed and became an amendment to the Virginia State Constitution. 1.3 million Virginians came out to defeat over 1 million families, friends and fair-minded citizens of the Commonwealth, taking away many rights of LGBT and straight unmarried Virginian couples.

That was the day I came out publicly as a committed activist seeking equal rights for my son and other Mothers' LGBT sons and daughters.  Both of my sons had been born in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the same equal rights as all other citizens, but on the day that my son Jon came out as a gay male at the age of 21, he lost many of those rights and became less a person in the eyes of  Virginia law.

I have vowed to do all that I can to change this, and I hope that as a result of combined efforts of fair minded people, families and friends of LGBT citizens across this Commonwealth and the country as a whole, we will. Other Mothers and fathers and I demand full equality for our LGBT children of all ages during our lifetime. In other words......NOW!

Tonight's ruling is an inspiring step towards equality. But our work is not done!


I vow to continue this fight until we reach full equality for all of our sons and daughters!


Will you commit to join me?



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